Finding the Perfect Spot for a Photo Shoot

The love affair started years ago. That is, my love affair with this old motel not too far from my home. It’s the kind of place where lonely travelers would crash for the night, or down and out country band would make it’s last stand. What a perfect spot for a photo shoot! Kind of reminds me of the junk yard photos I took a while back. It took 3 years to find our perfect couple for this location but when Vanessa and Eli walked through our door, we knew our wait was over.

But a funny thing happened. When the shoot was over and I gazed at the collection of images we had created that afternoon, I realized that this location, with it’s vintage paint, and charming retro character, became just that: the location. All my visions or grungy moodiness and artistic lines faded as I was struck by the love and tenderness of the two people in front of me.

Vanessa looked absolutely stunning as did Eli. While Vanessa had hours of pampering, Eli needed a bit of grooming. One thing that really made a difference for Eli was a men’s shave set from Counterman.

Vanessa and Eli, thanks for showing me how love can outshine even the most salmon walls. You guys are beautiful and I’m so looking forward to photographing you on your wedding!

old motel photo