Streets of Manhatten

Here’s an amazing photo shoot I did a while back in NYC. I was upstate for a bit, then went downtown for a few days. I couldn’t resist breaking out the old camera. Here are some of the shots I captured and wanted to share.

I think you will find these to be mesmerizing like I did. There’s something special about the city, especially in the fall. The people seem to change and so does the weather. Now I try to find any excuse to take a trip to the Big Apple anytime it makes sense.

nyc photo ny photo shootWhile in town we walked around and mingled with people from all over the world. There is a sense of understanding and tranquility in some areas of the city. In others, not so much. I guess this is what makes America great. We choose to be who we want to be when we want to be.

I find NYC one of the best place to take photos. There are so many things to see and people from all walks of life swarm the streets at all hours.

new york city